TAG-Translate's experienced team of over 150 in-house translators provides all types of general, technical and specialized translation services. Our services are not limited to translation from/to English and Arabic; we also translate to and from all other major international languages, such as French, German, Spanish and Russian, as well as numerous other languages such as  Belarusian, ,Assamese, Garo, Bulgarian, Albanian, Ukrainian, Mizo, Bengali, Greek,  Khasi,  Croatian,  Urdu, Nepali, Gujarati,  Khmer (Cambodian),  Czech, Vietnamese,  Oriya, Chinese (Mandarin/Simplified), Hindi, Kazakh,  Dutch,  Danish,  Finnish, French (European), Indonesian, Konkani, Estonian, Kurdish, Swedish , Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Maithili, Flemish, Burmese, Hungarian, French (Canadian), Amharic (Ethiopian), Slovak, German, Farsi (Persian),   Turkish, Kannada, Malayalam,  Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Slovenian, Thai, Polish, Manipuri, Korean, Punjabi, Armenian, Serbian, Dari, Marathi,  Latvian, Lithuanian, Bosnian, Hebrew.

 TAG-Translate works with all types of materials including books, brochures, manuals and guides, print media, etc., in addition to website translation. Examples of our fields of specialization include:

• Economic, financial and accounting translation
• Commercial, contractual, industrial business translation
 • Legal translation
• Intellectual Property translation
• Advanced educational curricula translation
• Computer, communication, and IT translation
• Scientific translation
• General administrative and business translation

 Furthermore, we handle all required functions for the various kinds of reports, including translation, proofreading, editing, formatting and designing of the entire report, from the cover page to the last page. Moreover, we can provide the printing services for the report if the client requires so.
 We look forward to your  giving us a chance to see how we can live up to your expectations .

 Contact us :

Translation.amman@tagtranslate.com / tagtdp.webmaster@tagtranslate.com

call us at the contact numbers below :
  (00 962-6) 510-0900 Ext. 4192/4342