Our experienced translators team includes specialized translators in various technical and general fields.
All the members of the team are university graduates, mostly native speakers of the various languages and have a broad spectrum of translation exposure, making it a fully integrated team with adequate resources and proper background. Our translators use the most updated translation tools. They are subject to an ongoing development process for their knowledge and experience through continued training an

Profile of our translators.

• Translator has a knowledge of formal aspects of the target language at a native level, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and syntax.
• Translator has native-language know ledge of the source language, the language from which he or she is translating.  Generally, the translation should be into the language the translator knows at an educated level.
• Translator has knowledge of the cultural aspects of both language groups.
• Translator is a native speaker or has native speaker knowledge of the language.
• Translator knows the audience.
• Translator conveys meaning rather than word –for-word translations. 
• Translator is trained or experienced in the colloquial lexicon.
• Translator is skilled in proofreading or secures a proofreader for all work.